Rainbow Dash Plushie

Rainbow Dash Plushie
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Rainbow Dash Plushie Rainbow Dash Plushie Rainbow Dash Plushie Rainbow Dash Plushie
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Rainbow Dash...said to be the fastest flyer in all of Equestria. She can clear the sky in 10 seconds flat, but she'll melt your heart even faster!

Rainbow stands freely at just under 12" tall and measures 13" from nose to tail. She's made from minky fabric and stuffed with a fiber fill. The eyes and cutie marks are both embroidered on.

Although Dashie is more of a rough-and-tumble pony, we don't recommend pushing her to the limit. We don't want her to Rainbow Crash, now do we? Yeah...you see what we did there :P.

If she gets dirty, make sure you hand-wash only. Soap and water should do the trick.

Dashie will surely make any MLP collection 20% cooler. Nobody tell Scootaloo though or she might just hoard them all for herself.


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